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about us

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Like any good story, ours was born of necessity…

It was 1998 and the DeFlavio family had had enough. Back then, the closest place to buy a beer and a hot dog from the same cash register was Three Rivers Stadium (which, today, seems nothing more than a mythological graveyard of old bones and heroic lore to many of our younger guests). The posture of Regent Square’s promising growth called for something more – a neighborhood without a proper hot dog shop was a tragic place to be: an actual graveyard as far as we’re concerned. So a year later, in 1999, D’s SixPax & Dogz was born, and life as we’ve known it hasn’t been the same.

At first, we weren’t much: 20-some stools, if that, and a few staff members worth of helpful mitts and elbow grease. We couldn’t have known back then how our cozy little operation would soon grow from such humble beginnings. Almost two decades later, our growth continues to cultivate under the nourishing support we receive from you, the fascinating people of this great neighborhood. You’re a loyal bunch —each of you more charming than the last— and not a day goes by that we lose sight of this. We are overwhelmed and humbled to play our small role in this dynamic community.

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